#BD13 Big Data Conference Melbourne 2013 Big Data Conference Melbourne 2013

biomedical informatics
personalised medicine
health 2.0 / participatory health
data governance
data analytics
healthier outcomes

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big data 2013 is complete

HISA: leading the conversation and direction for big data in healthcare & biomedicine in Australia. Be part of this inaugural event!
18 - 19 April 2013 Rydges Melbourne

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We are pleased to announce the Big Data 2013 Health Information Science and Systems supplement.

Big Data 2013 is following on from the success of HISA's Data Governance conferences of 2011 and 2012. Big Data 2013 is Australia's first Big Data in biomedicine and healthcare conference.

Big Data 2013 will introduce clinicians, healthcare executives and managers both clinical and non-clinical, data and information professionals, health and bio informaticians, health policy makers, and academics to the exploding world of BIG DATA.

The conference will focus on issues around biomedical informatics, personalised medicine, health 2.0/participatory health, data governance, data analytics and healthier outcomes.
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Workshop 1 Privacy & big data Workshop 3 Science & technology
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