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E-health pay: the saga continues

Monday, 30 April 2012   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sam Bruinewoud
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from Australian Doctor:

As Philip Larkin once wrote "books are a load of crap” and there is no book crappier than the MBS book.

Long, incoherent, rambling, nonsensical – but it is these very qualities that render it mysterious and it is the "mysterious” from which your bog-standard religious cult emerges.What would be the nature of such a cult? Who would be its followers? Well, for the last three weeks its followers have been some of the finest minds both in the civil service and the medical firmament, many of whom have abandoned their normal lives improving the care of the country’s sick and suffering, to spend their time locked up in a room contemplating the hidden meanings of the attendance items descriptors.


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